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The 3rd Method for Fitness Motivation

If keeping active and living a healthy lifestyle is so important then why aren’t more people sticking to their fitness regime and healthy eating programs?

As a fitness professional I have seen many clients start and fail in a program that they were so keen and eager to begin. Some clients have stories of a lifetime of trying different programs and yet still struggle to lose excess fat.

The reality is that if you are consuming excessive amounts of calories and limited in terms of mobility the end result will probably be that you will carry an excessive amount of fat. However simple this concept may seem, enduring the time it takes for changes to occur seems to be the major obstacle.

The common problem clients fail to recognise, is the power of the mind. Being mentally tough or ready to endure the time needed to change their body composition is vital for a successful weight loss journey.

Making the commitment to start buys a client into a dream of looking or feeling a certain way. Already the mind is connected and aware that change is to take place and effort is needed to achieve the desired result.

Always have a plan. Being prepared means thinking ahead of the game and outsmarting the mind games when temptations are likely to occur. Preparing meals to ensure this healthy eating gig is convenient is necessary for it to work.

The number three has a real place in the weight loss world. Three minutes, Three hours, Three days, Three weeks and three months, the milestones to weight loss.


Three minutes

Have you ever started a diet/ clean eating program and failed after three minutes? The key here is to prep the mind before you start. Surrounding yourself with positivity. Words of affirmation are vital until you are in a mindset where these positive words flow naturally. Block out the negative vibes!


Three hours

Basically, we are breaking big overall goals into smaller goals looking from hour to hour. Trying not to focus on food is a great idea as the more you think about it the hungrier you tend to be however, if you are not quite getting through an entire day of clean eating as yet, try to think about getting through each meal of the day (about 3 hours) at a time.


Three days

Ok so you have prepped, looking at each meal at a time and all of a sudden you have reached day three! Congrats. Here is where some magic happens. You feel less bloated right? Maybe a little lighter? Long behold this is just the motivation you need to chase the end of the week and guess what? all you have to do is repeat what you have already achieved another three days before a break… Cheat meal.


Three weeks

Ok, a week has passed and the start of motivation begins to have a flow on effect and you find yourself repeating the weeks. Week three usually brings lasting and significant changes to mind and body. Depending on your weight loss program and caloric deficit by week three the mind is now seeing physical changes, a drop on the scales and your proprioceptive response notices changes in your clothes. This is when you start saying things like I feel really good.

So, if you are feeling good about the changes and you are noticing your clothes are fitting better then why stop now? It’s safe to say that once you reach week three you are set to go, be mindful through a big challenge may surface… The common cold.

All this hard work starts to pay off and all of a sudden you are bed ridden… why has life got you down? You have been making cellular changes and your immune system is taking a beating. Here is the do or die stage. Make it through this cold and you will see significant changes ahead.

Most clients stop here. Just as they get into the swing of things the cold disrupts their mojo and they fall into a heap and take too long to get back on the horse. Dust yourself off, enjoy the short break, eat well and get back into it as soon as you can. You will thank yourself for it in a month or two time.


Three months

The stage of BIG transformations. Find yourself flicking through transformation pics? Wow, how did these people make such amazing changes? They stuck to it, plain and simple they were consistent.

In Three months the amount of energy you can burn can make such a significant change to your body composition that you can achieve your desired weight loss, of course depending on how much weight you are looking to lose and how much you are carrying. I have seen clients shed close to 30kg in a three month turnaround. Healthy way or not changes can be made and the average client can achieve a healthy and steady loss of 8 to 15 kg without too much trouble at all. Just stick to the plan.


They say things come in threes, for weight loss motivation I am a fond believer. After having my first child and experiencing so many physical changes I too am using the 3rd method. Day three done and dusted ready to press repeat. ;)


Have you noticed your changes or fitness motivation has come in Three’s? Leave me a comment and share your experiences.




The Sugar Junkie

Urban Dictionary defines a Sugar Junkie as:

A person who has a serious sugar addiction.

With 280 people developing diabetes in Australia every day and an estimated 3.3 million Australians with type 2 diabetes by 2031, it’s no wonder Diabetes Australia are raising their arms trying to catch our attention. The question is, why aren’t we listening?

The CBS program, 60 minutes, aired an episode that described the similarities of our brain’s activity when sugar is present, to that when a drug like cocaine is present. Concluding that sugar is addictive and frequent users developed a tolerance, a symptom of dependence. This brings deeper meaning to the clever branding of Pringles ‘Once you pop you can’t stop’.

So if avoidance is the cure for Alcoholism and Drug dependence then is it the answer for a Sugar Junkie?

I have tried many diets and followed different meal plans in the past and nothing has had the same effect as cutting refined sugar down considerably. The benefits that stemmed from this were clearer skin, better digestive health and fat loss.

Diabetes Australia encourages being as lean as possible without becoming underweight. To achieve this firstly we must understand what sugar is and what effects it has on the body.

Simply, sugar is energy. Carbohydrates are broken down into simple sugars to fuel your body. There are many different types of sugars. Some are found naturally like fruit sugars, honey and dairy. Others are refined to make table sugar and some are chemically enhanced like artificial sweeteners.

Sugars act as thickeners in food they add bulk, flavour or even behave as a preservative. Not all bad right? Well whilst you are sipping on your fizzy drink take note, that sugar also decays your pearly whites and consists of no nutritional substance. Driving experts to label sugar as ‘empty calories’. It contains all the energy, without the goodness.

If you are ready to kick the sweet yet toxic habit, follow these simple steps;

  1. Clean out your pantry
    Get rid of any sugars in the house.

  2. Know your food
    Get savvy and learn to read the nutritional breakdown of foods found on the back of the pack.

  3. Swap it don’t stop it
    Do keep eating however you need to swap the simple sugars with the complex ones, like swapping to wholemeal wholegrain bread, pasta or oats.

  4. If you can’t grow it don’t eat it
    If the contents of your lunch are not from the earth then it is probably processed and contains hidden sugars.

  5. Drink plenty of water
    Water can help regulate your cravings as your body can mistake thirst with hunger.

  6. Be prepared
    Busy? Then prep your meals on a weekly basis and package them in single serve containers and freeze.

 I have started my journey by following these simple steps and so can you. I would love to hear about your results and your journey. Use the #ashealthcoach or tag me in your post so I can see your progress!