Mindset & Health Coaching

Most people struggle to reach their full potential or achieve the health goals they set out for themselves.

Adriana has created a program to realise and release your potential, by changing your mindset.

Learn to build a healthy relationship with your plate, body and mind.


To help as many women as possible develop healthy relationships, with their plate, body and mind.

To help women reveal their spirituality, sexuality and unleash their inner goddess.

To educate and coach those in the wellness industry to build a profitable business while managing their stress.
— Adriana Slattery
Most people struggle to stick to their health goals, so I have created a program to help you build a healthy relationship with your plate, body and mind.

I’m on a journey, one that has taken me to a pretty dark place of self-loathing and self-sabotage. When my stress levels increase so too does my weight. I have reached numbers on the scales that I am not proud of. Nevertheless, these numbers are just that - numbers - and I have learned another way to live.
My boys are very active and I want to live a lifestyle that encourages that high energy. I want to live outdoors and take in all of this universe’s goodness!

I LOVE me, I am sexy, and I want YOU to feel the same.
— I love you times infinity, Adriana xxx


Adriana has been in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years, starting out as a massage therapist in 2003.

After returning home to Wollongong, NSW Adriana went on to establish an independent health & fitness club in 2010 with her sister. The club was then sold in 2015.

During the later stages of operating the club Adriana hit a level of stress that affected her in ways she was not able to comprehend until well after the club was sold.


“My sister and I worked tirelessly. It wasn’t just a 5am to 10pm role. The messages didn’t stop after the doors closed, so keeping up the fresh face was difficult- especially whilst going through IVF. I was told the IVF cycle was unsuccessful, but still had to get on stage to motivate participants in a group fitness class. I felt defeated.

There were times where our bodies burned out before our minds, hobbling along carrying the aches and pains of repetitive training. I remember my sister laugh crying because she was teaching 15 classes a week, had hurt her back and was laying on the floor in the office in tears. There was no time or room for remorse, and we both knew it. We would just look at each other and say… get on with it, there are people out there that want to know if they can eat an apple today.

The goals and passions to help and service people doesn’t leave you. The bitterness dissipates over time and the desire to show women their strength when they are blind to it increases. It’s a calling to the wild so to speak.”


Magically, soon after the Club was sold Adriana found out she and her husband had conceived naturally. Ten months later, Zane was born. Battling with PCOS and endometriosis was a difficult journey but the main factor was weight gain. Keeping her body fat levels down was a crucial aspect to a healthy pregnancy.

From 2014- 2016 Adriana worked as an educator for The Australian Institute of Fitness. Presenting and educating the future personal trainers was an inspiring role that has influenced Adriana to take on more presenting within the industry.

By the time 2017 rolled around Adriana had naturally conceived and birthed another beautiful boy, Andre.



15 years wellness industry experience-Fitness trainer-Massage therapist

-Gym owner

-Intuitive healer

- Fitness educator

To learn how to build a healthy relationship with your plate, body and mind,

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