Mindset & Health Coaching

Most people struggle to reach their full potential or achieve the health goals they set out for themselves.

Adriana has created a program to realise and release your potential, by changing your mindset.

Learn to build a healthy relationship with your plate, body and mind.

Mindset 1:1 Health Coaching


Mindset 1:1 Health Coaching

127.00 every week

One on One coaching services includes;

1 x 60min video coaching session

Weekly Email checkin

Weekly phone call catch up

Build your meal plan and tracking

Build your training workouts and tracking

Access to my Health & Fitness APP

FIT School Membership- Health & Mindset sessions


Our beliefs either limit us or drive us to achieving greatness. Adriana’s mindset program teaches you how to change fixed beliefs by applying a growth mindset.

Your thoughts create your feelings and we behave by reacting to these feelings.

Learn how to;

  1. Accept the circumstances that you can not change

  2. Think positively and purposefully

  3. Feel your feelings and be at peace with emotions

  4. Control behaviors

  5. Goal setting and achieving results

Weather the goal is to lose weight or start a business, we all experience fear and self doubt. Adriana’s Mindset program will help you to unblock energy and up your vibration to release and realise your potential.