Mindset & Health Coaching

Most people struggle to reach their full potential or achieve the health goals they set out for themselves.

Adriana has created a program to realise and release your potential, by changing your mindset.

Learn to build a healthy relationship with your plate, body and mind.


Before being introduced to Adriana’s coaching program, I had been training moderately on my own for 2 years with little to no gains in my physique or strength and was feeling lost & unhappy. I needed some direction & a new challenge.

The commitment, time & support from Adriana have been so beneficial to my all-round general health & well-being, and have gone beyond my expectations. It has helped me not only become physically stronger, but also mentally. I have become a more confident person, my belief & trust in myself has developed to a level that I didn’t know was possible. It has opened my mind up to a new approach on life and I’ve discovered an exciting new energy & motivation.

The guidance & support I have received to assist me with my diet & nutrition has been incredible. Adriana is always available to talk to – ask questions, share knowledge & information, it’s so encouraging & invaluable. I’m now a much happier, healthier & stronger person, and am leading a well-balanced lifestyle thanks to Adriana.


When I met Adriana I was immediately drawn to her enthusiasm for life. After battling a bad episode of depression, I read the book 'The Power of Now' as suggested by Adriana. I am forever grateful that she brought this book into my life as I can safely say I am on track to a full recovery from my depression. While other coaches may purely focus on helping clients achieve maximum body strength, Adriana also helps her clients develop their inner strength.

Recently, Adriana held a workshop. These workshops imparted important life lessons for any age group. I found Adriana's energy inspirational and her words both uplifting and true. She was able to build a platform for discussion that brought the whole class together in moments of sincerity and appreciation.

Her effervescence carries over into her yoga classes too. As an instructor she is meticulous and fierce. Coaching with Adriana will not disappoint.


My journey was a tough one for me. As a child I always struggled with my weight and was always conscious of it, and often hated my body.  To then have children and all the changes that occur I was almost certain I would never get my body back to what it was like in my 20"s.
I felt really down and wanted things to change not only for me but my family, I had become quiet angry and sad most of the time. Things had to change. I didn't want to be the mum that always sat by the side of the pool, never joining in and just sitting on the side line. watching life go by.
After training with Adriana Slattery I now feel fantastic and confident in my body. I never would have thought it would be so enjoyable. Not once did it feel like a chore it was for me and I was getting the results I was after. Who would have thought I would enjoy doing weights, eating great food and just enjoying exercise in general? I now feel I have the knowledge and confidence to continue. I love my new body. I am now fitter and healthier than I have ever been.
The coaching wasn't all about protein shakes and supplements, it was learning how much to eat, what to eat and I found it very easy to follow. Adriana was always really supportive and helpful with a social network page were all her clients could talk and update each other with new recipe ideas, our plateau days and just general progress.

The workshop sessions were great to help motivate me and taught me new skills, encouragement and support.
Adriana has challenged me to think differently, pushing me to limits I never thought possible. Now I feel great and would recommend her coaching programs to any one whether its 5 KG or 30 KG that you have to lose.

Thank you Adriana


Adriana led a session for our girls’ well being group. I, and the girls who attended, found the session to be a very positive, motivating and enjoyable experience.

Adriana provided a well-balanced combination of self-image, nutritional information and physical activity in a comfortable setting for the girls to discuss their thoughts and opinions. The girls were encouraged to view their self-image and personal well being in a positive way.

Overall, I was very impressed with the session provided by Adriana, and I look forward to her further involvement with Oak Flats High School.


HSIE teacher, Year 10 Advisor